Gourmet Mushrooms, Delicious Greens, and Tasty Tilapia

Trifecta Multiponics is a small startup that is combining aquaponics, mushroom cultivation, and sustainability principles to bring you the freshest, highest-quality local produce.

We started in partnership with Main Street Farms, an aquaponic farm in Cortland, NY, and have since moved to wonderful Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We produce several varieties of gourmet mushrooms for sale to farmer's markets, restaurants, and your kitchen table. In the past, we have produced high-quality greens and tasty tilapia, too.

An Integrated Growing System

 Photo Credit: Main St. Farms

Trifecta started out as a unique idea -combining a traditional aquaponic system with mushroom cultivation to reduce startup and energy costs. The idea won the RvD IDEA 2013 Award in Sustainability.

Fresh, Organic Mushrooms

 Photo Credit: Matt Gretton

We produce two varieties of Oyster Mushrooms, Phoenix Oyster and Elm Oyster. 

Grow-It-Yourself Kits and Workshops

Want the joy of growing your own mushrooms? We offer easy to use and affordable grow kits! All you do is mist with a spray bottle, and in 7-10 days you'll have fresh mushrooms to eat right on your kitchen counter.

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